Universal Hand Printer

Model Shown: HP-200

Universal Hand Printers for marking porous surfaces

Universal offers 3 standard models of Hand Printers for marking on porous surfaces such as corrugated cartons, paper, etc. All of these units are constructed from precision machined, anodized aluminum components for lower weight and durability. These units are supplied with a dry Microcell Ink Roll and a Print Drum which accommodates Universal Ribtype printing dies. The ink rolls can be pre-inked at the factory with any color of our #1150 Coder Ink for a nominal charge. Universal Ribtype assortments contain individual alphabetic and numeric characters which snap into the print drum to make up the code for printing. Ribtype logo dies are also available (see Ribtype page for details).

HP-100NI Non-Indexing Hand Printer

The HP-100NI Hand Printer is the smallest of our hand held roll coders - featuring a 2" x 6.5" print area. The Print Drum rides on a pair sealed ball bearings which provide smooth rotation and durability in production marking applications. This non-indexing model will continue to roll forward and print the set code at 6.5" repeat intervals.

HP-200NI Non-Indexing Hand Printer

The HP-200NI Hand Printer features a 2" x 9.1" print area. This non-indexing model will continue to roll forward and print the set code at 9.1" repeat intervals.

HP-200 Indexing Hand Printer

The HP-200 Indexing model utilizes a unique cam indexing mechanism to return the print drum to the same starting position when the coder is lifted away from the surface being marked. The index mechanism allows the print drum to rotate 365 degrees before reaching a positive stop. This provides full use of the 2" x 9.1" print area.